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Horology didn’t originate in Switzerland, but now “Swiss Made” has become the most respected standard in the world. Following the achievements of the founders, Boillat Les Bois (BLB), a Swiss watchmaking brand established in 1923, has accompanied numerous aspirational people in their journey to success.

In the vast woodland of the Jura district, Switzerland, countless workshops devoted themselves to the Swiss watchmaking industry in the last hundreds of years, laying foundation to the sound reputation of the modern day horology. During World War I, people realized that pocket watches were not convenient to use in battlefields, which resulted in the increase supply of wristwatches for military use. After the war, the portable timepieces soon became popular in the mainstream market. In the remote Les Bois area, the watch-maker brothers Albert Boillat and Joseph Boillat, grasped this new opportunity and founded their own workshop “Boillat Frères” and registered the wristwatch brand “Boillat Les Bois (BLB)” to carry their dream forward.

With their rich experience in craftsmanship, soon the Boillat brothers mastered well the complete process of making a watch, which included design, mechanical development, finishing and assembling, etc. Pursuing the Swiss-made standard, BLB has consistently improved the design and performance. Every product is required to undergo rigorous precision and technical testing to ensure the caliber is at its best performance. Regardless of the market situation, BLB has never given up its belief in Swiss quality. This spirit has driven the brand to access to a wider market, facing intense global competition. By 1940s, BLB’s retail network had expanded from Switzerland to the United States, Canada, England, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and other countries and regions, ranking high in sales amongst other Swiss watch brands. In 1964, Boillat Les Bois upgraded its sales and research capacity, requiring all the products to undergo professional testing and to receive official Swiss recognition before entering the market. These approaches firmly ensured each watch by BLB is well-made according to the official guidelines from Swiss authority.

Entering the new millennium, the ever-changing watchmaking industry is on its way to a whole-new world. Paying tribute to its heritage, BLB has also been preparing itself for a grand return. In 2011, the Boillat Frères workshop celebrated its 88th anniversary by joining Ernest Borel group in Switzerland to strengthen the brand for the challenges ahead. Today, in line with its adventurous spirit and quest for constant innovation, BLB reveals its new collections of genuine Swiss timepieces for the young generation.

Inspirations from modern designs have been introduced into the product lines as to respond to the young segmentation and changing needs of the market. Yet, all the watches have everything required for the best Swiss-made performance without compromising. The workshop at Le Noirmont houses dozens of experienced craftsmen with absolute determination who constantly combine exquisite watch-making skills and meticulous craftsmanship to watch creations that are refined and contemporary, destined to remain truly Swiss.

With a clear focus on quality, BLB has been producing Swiss timepieces of lasting value. With its reputation for passion, innovation and devotion, BLB is pleased to share the desire to explore limits and witness every extraordinary moment of life journey with its wearers.